termbook is a command-line tool and library designed to make your mdbook documentation executable.

Thus you are advised to use the mdbook command-line tool for everything that termbook does not support, as it is essentially nothing more than an mdbook clone with a custom preprocessor. The latter is not easily supported by mdbook just yet.


termbook can do a few unique things for you

  • execute codeblocks
    • This makes your documentation executable, with the output captured in their own codeblocks.
    • That way your documentation never goes out of sync with reality, and allows you to build documentation as part of your test suite.
  • playback books to the terminal
    • This can be seen as 'eye-candy' generator, which is meant to be recorded with asciinema or similar tools.
    • Generate videos without ever having to type out commands yourself, and keep them consistent with your documentation.